Though the article was written in 2018, the insights seem timeless. And I really appreciate the candour, cadence and completely justifying the Tech 4 Good domain.

One of the challenges did stand out for me as I saw SUCH IMMENSE alignment with what I do too - matching the supply and demand. And i don't mean for this to sound like a selling pitch only a solution to the challenge you highlighted.

The need for good digital people is more real than ever with the demand for good tech. I'm a part of an organisation that's trying to solve the need for a FIRM HANDSHAKE BETWEEN DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY. Plus bringing it at the right affordance for the sector. I believe it may be possible with collaborations across oceans where each part contributes with their expertise, us with our ability to build digital products and you for having an acute perception of the impact sector. And the match happening over shared values, cost and domain sensibilities. I'm sure there's much to explore for this match to happen and these conversations can only be a spark for a great outcome.

I'd be happy to share my story and how it can offer relevant solutions for the challenges you pointed out. More power to you and your mission!



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